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Orlando escort Jacqueline

Name: Jacqueline
Age: 23
Height: 5ft 6inch
Weight: 112
Bust: B-Cup
Hair: Black
Languages: English



Are you in search of a girlfriend experience far away from home? Well, Jacqueline will take care of that dream. Endowed with the beautiful silky black hair and blue eyes I will pass for your ordinary down to earth girlfriend. The experience will be magical with us walking in the streets with my hands hugging your hands tightly. I whisper in your ears sweet naughty things of what I would like to do to you when we are alone. My gorgeous blue watery eyes will remind you of the blue waters of the sea. To fulfill your inner fantasy, I will come dressed the way you want, stylish, attractive or conservative. Romance will be in each corner, I will feed you, wipe the cramps off your mouth, and give you a gentle kiss to awaken your emotions. You fancy a movie, intimate dinner or hitting the casino? Lucky for you pretty, Jacqueline knows the best places in Orlando that ensure you get value for your money. As the sun sets, we will have an intimate dinner as we talk and laugh about our lives experiences in a discreet location.

Our dinner will be about you and only you. We will combine the indulgence of the sumptuous dinner with some naughty games, which I will lead. You want some role plays? Well I can be your teacher, but you have to be a good student. I will make you enjoy the comfort of my arms and the pillows of my perky tits as a girlfriend would then sing to you while I devour your body. After I am done with you, you will want to propose, marry and propose again, but I cannot marry you! Do not hold back as you visit Orlando. Come and meet your Jacqueline who will bow to your every command. Jacqueline is the woman to look for if you need warm and comforting experience that will linger in your mind forever.